S&W M&P 12 Shotgun

M&P 12

The M&P 12 Shotgun: A Closer Look at Specifications

Smith & Wesson, a name synonymous with firearms excellence, has introduced the M&P 12 shotgun, a promising addition to their renowned M&P series. This innovative firearm brings together cutting-edge technology and design, offering enthusiasts and professionals a versatile and reliable shotgun option.


Key Specifications:

1. Gauge and Chamber:

The M&P 12 is available in various gauges, catering to different preferences and use cases. The shotgun’s chamber size is a crucial factor influencing its compatibility with different types of shotgun shells. It can utilize standard 2 ¾”, 3” magnum, and mini-shell loads.

2. Barrel Length:

The length of the barrel impacts accuracy, maneuverability, and overall performance. The M&P 12 is designed with a 27.8 Inch barrel, striking a balance between precision and ease of handling.

3. Action Type:

The shotgun features a pump action, known for its reliability and quick cycling. This choice of action ensures smooth operation, making it suitable for various shooting applications.

4. Capacity:

M&P 12’s magazine capacity is a standout feature, allowing the shooter to maintain a steady rate of fire without frequent reloads. The shotgun is engineered to accommodate 14 rounds, enhancing its utility in different scenarios.

5. Choke System:

The choke system plays a crucial role in controlling the spread of shot pellets. The M&P 12 boasts an advanced choke system, offering shooters the flexibility to adapt to different shooting distances and patterns.

6. Stock and Ergonomics:

The design of the stock contributes to the shotgun’s overall comfort and handling. The M&P 12 features a polymer stock, designed with ergonomics in mind to provide a secure and comfortable grip.

7. Sights and Optics:

Aiming precision is paramount, and the M&P 12 comes equipped with Picatinny-style rail on top for sights/optics. Whether for home defense or sport shooting, these sighting options enhance target acquisition and accuracy.

8. Materials and Finish:

Smith & Wesson is known for its commitment to quality materials. The M&P 12 is crafted from durable materials, ensuring longevity and resilience under various environmental conditions. The finish, Matte Black, adds both aesthetic appeal and protection.

9. Weight:

The weight of a shotgun influences its portability and recoil management. The M&P 12 strikes a balance in weight of 132.8 Oz., providing stability during shooting while remaining manageable for extended use.

The M&P 12 shotgun from Smith & Wesson emerges as a formidable choice for shotgun enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its well-thought-out specifications reflect the company’s dedication to delivering firearms that excel in performance, reliability, and adaptability.