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The Arsenal Inc. – SAM7K-44: Power and Precision in a Compact Package

When it comes to firearms, the Arsenal Inc. – SAM7K-44 stands out as a potent semi-automatic pistol that combines power, precision, and a compact design. Chambered in the formidable .45 ACP caliber, this firearm offers a range of features that make it a compelling choice for both self-defense and recreational shooting. In this article, we’ll delve into the specifications of the SAM7K-44 and compare it to other notable firearms, highlighting what sets it apart.

Specifications of the SAM7K-44

Feature Details
Caliber .45 ACP
Action Semi-Automatic
Capacity 10 rounds (detachable magazine)
Barrel Length 7.9 inches
Overall Length 18.7 inches
Weight 5.6 pounds
Sights Adjustable rear, post front
Finish Milled receiver, black powder coating
Stock Black Polymer
Safety Manual safety lever
Muzzle Brake Installed, 24×1.5mm right-hand threads
Manufacturer Arsenal Inc.

What is the 7.62 x39 in the Arsenal SAM7K 44?

The Arsenal SAM7K-44 is chambered in the .45 ACP caliber, not the 7.62×39 caliber. The 7.62×39 is a different caliber commonly associated with AK-style rifles and some other firearms. The SAM7K-44 is specifically designed to fire .45 ACP ammunition, which is a popular pistol cartridge known for its stopping power. It’s essential to use the correct ammunition for any firearm to ensure safety and reliable operation.

The SAM7K-44 is built upon the AK platform, renowned for its ruggedness and reliability. The .45 ACP caliber provides substantial stopping power, making it suitable for self-defense and other high-stress situations. The milled receiver and black powder coating enhance the firearm’s durability and aesthetics.

SAM7K-44 vs. Comparable Firearms

Firearm Caliber Capacity Barrel Length Overall Length Weight Sights Finish Manufacturer
SAM7K-44 .45 ACP 10 rounds 7.9 inches 18.7 inches 5.6 lbs Adjustable rear, post front Black powder coating Arsenal Inc.
Glock 21 .45 ACP 10-13 rounds 4.6 inches 7.59 inches 26.28 oz Fixed sights Tenifer finish Glock, Inc.
CZ 97B .45 ACP 10 rounds 4.65 inches 8.3 inches 41.3 oz Fixed sights Black polycoat Česká zbrojovka
Springfield XD(M) .45 .45 ACP 10-13 rounds 4.5 inches 7.7 inches 30 oz Fiber optic front, low-profile combat rear Melonite finish Springfield Armory

Comparing the SAM7K-44 to other .45 ACP firearms, you’ll notice several key differences. The SAM7K-44 stands out with its longer barrel and overall length, making it a larger and potentially more accurate firearm. The adjustable sights provide flexibility for fine-tuning your aiming, while the milled receiver and black powder coating enhance its durability. However, it’s essential to consider individual preferences and needs when selecting a firearm.

The Arsenal Inc. – SAM7K-44 is a compelling choice for those seeking a powerful and accurate semi-automatic pistol. Its .45 ACP caliber and distinctive AK platform heritage set it apart from the competition. Whether you prioritize stopping power, reliability, or customization options, the SAM7K-44 delivers in a compact package, making it suitable for both self-defense and recreational shooting. Always ensure you follow local laws and regulations when acquiring and using firearms.

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